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Bioman Biology

Biology Games & Virtual Labs!

Body Systems Physiology ButtonBody Systems (Physiology)

cell buttonCells

ecology buttonEcology

evolution and classification buttonEvolution &  Classification

genetics and meiosis buttonGenetics & Meiosis

DNA life chemistry buttonLife Chemistry (DNA, Proteins, etc,)

photosynthesis and respiration buttonRespiration & Photosynthesis

magnifying glassScientific Methods

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Scientific Methods

magnifying glass buttonScientific methods are the techniques and tools scientists use to learn about the world!  Learn about questions, hypotheses, variables, theories, laws and much more by playing video games and performing virtual investigations!

Scientific Methods Video Games, Virtual Labs & Activities

Malaria Interactive

malaria interactive picCome up with a plan to reduce malaria (a deadly disease) in a region, and defend it using the data you collect in this collaborative simulation activity.  Evaluate cost, effectiveness, environmental impact, effects on non-target organisms, and health effects to determine the best course of action. This interactive has a worksheet that goes with it.  Great for critical thinking!  

Bacteria Growth Virtual Lab Simulation

bacteria growth virtual labDesign and perform your own experiment testing bacterial growth under conditions that you choose!  This simulation is great practice in experimental design, controlling variables, data collection, and more!

Inky the Squid and the Treasures of the Scientific Method

inky thumb Squirt ink to freeze other sea creatures while you collect shiny treasure pearls and messages from the world above! All the while learn about the scientific method! Ahoy!

Scientific Methods Quizzes

quizzes buttonTest your knowledge of genetics and meiosis!  These quizzes can be submitted online to your registered teacher.   Please note:  A quiz will not end until you have successfully answered all questions.  

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